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Goes Where the Work Is

Meet CribXTM – a secure satellite storeroom that keeps work site productivity & efficiency at an all-time high.

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Safe Vending Starts Here

Our new Summer Software Release delivers better ways to reduce touch during transactions & get PPE on the floor quickly

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“Remote Vend” Unlocks Mobile Vending

Start safer vending practices today by issuing and returning any item from your mobile device. Learn more about Remote Vend, part of CM Mobile NG, to get started.

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Meet FlipTop™

CribMaster's new maximum security solution

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Since 1992, CribMaster has been driven by a vision to make the daily jobs of the hardworking men and women in manufacturing, and the distributors who serve them, easier through intelligent and efficient inventory management. Our industry-leading software suite provides a full stack of inventory management capabilities that will give you more control and better understanding of the usage and status of your supplies, with industrial-grade and highly-customizable vending machines delivering inventory efficiently at point-of-use. At CribMaster, we are dedicated to making progress easier to manage.

Software Solutions

Explore our enterprise inventory management software suite.


Industrial Hardware

See our full core vending & RFID solutions. 


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